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Each month, DMAP Member Spotlight proudly showcases select forward tinkerers and their solutions for digital excellence. Discover and collaborate with these innovative companies in our organization.

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  • In the Philippine market, m360 is the dominant A2P platform provider unlocking the advantage of being the sole gatekeeper of all A2P SMS termination going in and out of the Globe Telecom network and creating a distinctive business relationship with the local and international A2P SMS aggregators and working in tandem to provide messaging services to all brands who needs SMS features to engage with their customers.


  • m360 does not compete with the other players in the industry but rather partners with them to bring about the values and benefits of A2P SMS into the customers' business workflows.


  • Moreover, m360 together with the digital portfolio companies within the Globe Group and 917Ventures allow us to unlock the structural synergies and consolidate capabilities around AdTech data management, advertising, and campaign management and incorporate m360’s omnichannel messaging capabilities to effectively orchestrate the end-to-end, data-driven campaign of our customers to steer business objectives such as customer acquisition, conversions or e-commerce enablement and fulfillment. 

  • Year founded: 2022


  • m360 is the Philippines’ largest A2P company that enables businesses with digital communication needs with its robust and flexible messaging solutions. It reaches over 227 global destinations via its 700 mobile network operators, helping businesses create more meaningful conversations with their customers.

  • ]m360 is a part of Brave Connective Holdings Inc., a company that champions its expertise in adtech and data capabilities under 917Ventures. 


  • Our products include A2P SMS Solutions and OTT messaging services like Viber for Business and Facebook Messenger.


  • We serve indirect accounts through Globe Business. 

  • m360 boasts a team of 83 employees with diverse expertise spanning IT, software development, commercial and channel management, product management, and telecommunications, among various other domains.


Building strong relationships with customers is crucial for any business, and effective communication is key to achieving this goal. However, choosing the right messaging and communication platform can be a challenge for businesses, as they have to balance cost-effectiveness, ease of use, convenience, and, most importantly, security and reliability.

That’s why m360 joined IMMAP, as it believes that m360 is in a unique position to help businesses with their challenges since we are fully integrated into the core network of the local telcos in the Philippines and we can also provide access and reach to over 700 mobile network operators worldwide through indirect and/or direct bilateral arrangements. 

The m360 platform is also fully compliant with the security standards and contact policies of the government and regulatory bodies on top of the highly secured network and data security mechanisms employed in the various network, data, and application layers. We also customize connectivity setups based on specifications requested by our customers. These value-adding capabilities allow m360 to offer the most cost-effective messaging solutions to our customers locally and abroad.  


With this, m360 partnering with IMMAP can help us deliver the goal of providing safe and reliable messaging solutions. 




Globe advocates inclusive and accessible education for all. Due to the pandemic, distance learning was a challenge for students with limited access to connectivity.

Globe launched Ugnay to address this challenge in remote learning through SMS where they can access bite-sized information and training courses via SMS and Chat.

Ugnay = Connection

Internally, it became a challenge for Globe with overwhelming means to communicate with their teams via email, group chats, etc. resulting in them not sorting out the comms efficiently.



With the “new Filipino customer” in mind, m360 contributes to designing and creating experiences that not only democratize essential services through technology but also support advocacies to create resilient communities in times of crisis using the latest technology and ensuring people’s readiness.

Back on December 21, 2021, Typhoon Rai, locally known as Super Typhoon Odette, was tagged as the second costliest typhoon in Philippine history behind Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2013.

Through Globe, m360 has extended A2P messaging service to affected local government units (LGUs) in Palawan, Visayas, and Mindanao to aid their ongoing community disaster recovery operations in the wake of the said powerful typhoon.

Helping the LGUs send public advisories in one click and reach more constituents faster to at least 83 towns, with some 8.35 million people, devastated.

m360 recognized the urgency of bringing messages of hope and clear updates on recovery efforts and this is the most important potential benefit of m360 - effective and easy communication.

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