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Leigh Reyes, IMMAP President, Panel Member in a Special Session of KKME-MME Online Webinar



The micro-and small enterprises (MSEs) currently strive to survive and stay relevant in the NEW NORMAL and will thus, need to adapt to or co-exist with the Covid-19. It is in this context that the Digitalization Webinar has been designed. It will reinforce the Kapatid Mentor ME-Money and Market Econter (KMME-MME) Online that is presently implemented by the PCE ( Go Negosyo) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

With the current business environment in the country, MSEs are faced with the challenges in making business processes easier and expanding their markets on a wider scale. With the rise of the new age, digitalization has provided solutions for entrepreneurs in easing bottlenecks in the value chain, enabling convenience while managing massive amounts of data that can be used to understand the business better. Digital tools are readily available for MSEs online by a mere tap on their mobile phones. And thus, providing a window for micro-entrepreneurs to go online will make them part of the digital value chain which can lead to inclusive growth and prosperity.

For this webinar, the discussion will focus on the benefits and practical use of digitalization, its limitations, and challenges and providing a pathway for MSMEs to adapt to the new normal.

The program will be live-streamed via GoNegosyo’s Facebook Page on November 25, 2021, 1:00-5:00 PM.

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