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Our Initiatives

DMAP works toward educating and providing the necessary digital tools for advertising and integrated marketing professionals to make better communication decisions.

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The annual highlight of DMAP’s calendar, DigiCon provides members with learning and networking opportunities with local and international industry thought leaders.


Boomerang Awards

Launched in 2008, the Boomerang Awards are the Philippines’ premiere award show recognizing excellence and effectiveness in digital communications.

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Web Wednesdays

The forefront of digital education in the Philippines, this series regularly presents latest digital data, trends, and best practices from here and around the world.

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Web Wednesdays Premium

A series of live fireside chats featuring C-level speakers from the country’s top companies covering topics from eCommerce, digital media, data and analytics, and digital transformation.

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Virtual Member Meetups

Regular meetings that drive learning, development, and camaraderie among IMMAP members.


Digital Measurement Board

Originally tasked with monitoring digital ad spend - the DMP now works to standardize digital industry metrics, including tools, methodology, and terminology for advertising and marketing practitioners.

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Advocacy for Cyber Safety

In partnership with DepEd and Stairway Foundation on cyber safety initiatives. This allows IMMAP creativity to move forward, and reach a wider audience. More importantly, such an alliance will grant the advocacy the thrust for sustainability, and the machinery to reach a wider audience.  #BeCyberSafe and Daliri Eskewela won Tangrams Awards in 2019 and was nominated in Tambuli Awards as Advertiser of the Year.

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Digital Youth Congress (YouthCon)

Focused on engaging young professionals on the variety of career opportunities within the field of digital. Evolved into education, training, and workshops designed to be supplemental professional and academic courses

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Digital Young Creatives

A competition of young creatives to the Cannes Young Lions Digital competition. Competition to include workshops, training, and university roadshows.

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Digital Podcast (DigiPod)

The country’s first digital marketing podcast. An in-depth discussion on the latest news on digital trends and issues featuring the movers and shakers.

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