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Globe advocates inclusive and accessible education for all. Due to the pandemic, distance learning was a challenge for students with limited access to connectivity.

Globe launched Ugnay to address this challenge in remote learning through SMS where they can access bite-sized information and training courses via SMS and Chat.

Ugnay = Connection

Internally, it became a challenge for Globe with overwhelming means to communicate with their teams via email, group chats, etc. resulting in them not sorting out the comms efficiently.


m360 offered Ugnay Viber for Business to cascade simple advisories as a convenient and sustainable means of communication to disseminate information.

To stabilize, m360 and Ugnay piloted the platform by using it as an internal communication tool, which resulted in the following:


100% of user satisfaction
81% actively viewed and read the advisory within 3 minutes of being sent
100% delivery of all advisories using m360’s SMS Failover functionality for Viber which automatically sends the message as SMS if the recipient has no access to Viber

WHAT’S NEXT: Training roll out for

770+ territory partners
900+ premium dealer specialists and
Account front liners, which has 4-5 personnel per store, in 101 stores nationwide


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