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DMXR - a DMAP networking and onboarding event

On March 21, we hosted our very first DMXRs (D'Mixers) event, to warmly welcome our new members into the DMAP community. 

A unique twist to this onboarding is a delightful craft beer-tasting session, which made for great camaraderie and relaxation. Seeing our new  members come together, forge new connections, and exchange ideas over craft beer is certainly something we’d like to repeat.

Attendees learned more about DMAP’s mission and how members can participate. MemCom chair Gary Abello also talked about DMAP's theme for this year: "Transformative Innovation for Impactful Growth."

Kudos to the Engagement team, led by Bea Lim, Alan Fontanilla and Anna Mamon-Aban. Thanks, too, to our host Nipa Brew who took our members through a great discovery of its craft beers.

The success of our inaugural DMXRs event is a testament to our members. We're incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to making the evening so memorable.

As we continue to grow and strengthen our community, we look forward to hosting more experiential events that deepen connections among our members.

DMXR, the DMAP networking and onboarding event is exclusively for DMAP members only. Click here for more information on DMAP and how to be a member. 

Let’s welcome our New Members for this quarter!

Thank you once again for your participation and support. Here's to the continued success and growth of DMAP!

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